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Solar Boiler Exports

Wholesale Solar Water Heaters, Water Heating Storage Tanks, Boiler Manufacturers & Exporters, Greece Europe

With solar boiler and water heating storage tank exports in over 70 countries worldwide, Solarnet proves the quality and power of Assos Boilers.

“Assos Boilers” by Solarnet S.A. is an established series of products of highest quality. They are manufactured in a variety of types according to strict advanced technology specifications and guarantee absolute performance and life-long durability. Our leading role in wholesale of solar boilers and water heating storage tanks manufacture has led to the expansion of our activity abroad with exports of water heating storage tanks in over 70 countries worldwide.

Apart from the solar boiler exports of the “Assos Boilers” series, we provide a wide range of OEM water heater products for export, such as vertical and horizontal storage tanks, solar water boilers snd solar water heaters. The Solarnet S.A. wholesale solar water heaters production can be made according to the needs of our customers and the particular target market.

Please contact us if you wish to join in the international distribution network of Solarnet S.A., one of the leading water heating storage tank manufacturers and exporters in Europe, or if you need further information about solar boiler exports.

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Greek Products

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1st National Award
Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award

Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award