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Wholesale Solar Boilers, Storage Tank Water Heater, Boiler Manufacturer & Supplier Greece Europe

Innovation and high standards of technology bring Assos Boilers at the top of consumer preferences all around the world.

Solarnet S.A. was founded in 1998. ASSOS BOILERS is a result of the collaboration between the five biggest manufacturers in Greece in the field of solar energy, aiming to offer on the Greek and world markets, high quality, high tech products.

Implementing its investment program, ASSOS BOILERS went on building one of the most modern factories in Europe. With automated systems, quality controls, high technology and a state of the art production unit located on the Athens-Salonica high-way, in Thiva.

ASSOS BOILERS provides the Greek and international market new, high quality products, in the field of storage tanks, and solar tanks, offering reliable solutions and many possibilities.

Today, ASSOS BOILERS is considered as one of the only companies in Europe with high quality technological equipment and total quality objectives. With special innovations, flexible and functional designing and with the concentrated experience of over 30 years of each one of the associated companies, ASSOS BOILERS products are at the top of consumer preferences all around the world.

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Solar Water Storage Tanks - (OEM only)

Greek Products

Greek Products

General List of Products

SOLARNET S.A. Solar Boiler & Storage Tank Manufacturers 79 km National Highway Athens-Lamia
Ipato, Thiva, 32200
Viotia Prefecture, Greece

Tel. + 30 22620 72070 or + 30 22620 72071
Fax: + 30 22620 72122

ASSOS BOILERS solar appliances

Floor Standing Boilers
Floor Standing Boilers

Assos Boilers manufactures a complete range of floor boilers...

Solar Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters

ASSOS BOILERS also manufactures a full range of solar water heaters...

Electric Boilers
OEM Products

We undertake production of OEM products in any design or color bearing your own brand for...

Supplementary Components
Supplementary Components

View information about the Assos Boilers supplementary components.

1st National Award
Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award

Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award