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Hot Water Cylinders Production Process

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From computer design to the end product

1: Computerised automated heat exchanger production
2: Cylinder forming and welding machine for maximum precision and quality
3: Hydraulic press for forming superior and inferior caps
4: Automated cutting and final formation procedure of the caps

The Solarnet S.A. Greece production machinery has been carefully selected from the most advanced European machinery manufacturers and is fully automated and computer controlled for the manufacturing of hot water cylinder storage tanks. This technology certified with EN ISO 9001-2000 offers the highest flexibility and accuracy in addition to systematic quality control at all stages of production, thus eliminating any human error possibilities and ensuring perfect quality of the end product.

Production process

1: Superior and inferior cap fitting and welding machine, with precision of one hundredth of a millimetre.
2: Automatic 6 phase metal blasting machine.

The finest quality European raw materialsare supplied to Solarnet S.A. vertical production unit, where they are entirely processed and treated to offer a complete product on the market. The steel sheet processing department, the plasma cutting department, the automatic welding department, the 6 phase metal blasting complex as well as the enamelling and ovens complex that bake vitreous enamel at 850°C, all work together in harmony under a stable and incessant flow, in order to deliver a perfect finished product according to the German DIN specifications ensuring top quality performance.

1: Automated enamelling and 850°C oven baking complex.
2: Tanks ready for metal blasting.
3-4: New aerial suspended production lines for maximum speed and security during transport of boilers between production phases, securing protection of the enamel from beeing hit.

Assembly - Packaging

1-8: Assembly of storage tanks – Polyurethane foam injection – Packaging

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