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Hot Water Storage Tanks (Boilers) & Solar Water Heaters by Assos Boilers Greece

Hot water storage tanks - Solar Water Heaters

“Assos Boilers” Greece by Solarnet S.A. provides a variety of water heating systems of supreme quality, designed according to the highest standards and manufactured according to the ISO 9001-2000, only with the finest components guaranteeing life-long durability and excellent performance.

Buffer Tanks with inox heat exchanger
Buffer Tanks Solarnet manufactures Hot Water Tanks (Buffer Tanks) of all types (with one coil, with two coils, with inox heat exchanger) according to the strictest German specifications. Available are 8 different types of buffer tanks with a capacity of 150 up to 1000 liters. With ASSOS BOILERS buffer tanks you ensure plenty of water and simultaneously you achieve high power and money. Read more



Floor Standing Boilers
Boilers Assos Boilers manufactures a complete range of floor boilers, conforming to the strictest German specifications. There are four different types of vertical boilers holding from 150 to 1000 liters, they are the fastest on the market and meet the requirements of all types of buildings, such as apartments, mansions, hotels, offices. The water can be heated with electricity, by the central heating system or by solar collectors. Read more


Solar Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters ASSOS BOILERS also manufactures a full range of solar water heaters. The top characteristic of ASSOS BOILERS’ superiority is the full protection of the tank, coated with double “direct” enamel, which is baked at 850°C. Read more



Supplementary Components
Supplementary Components We provide supplementary components for the maintenance and maximum performance of heating systems, such as Differential Temperature Controllers, solar pump stations, solar expansion vessels, antifreezing liquid, plate heat exchangers etc. Read more



Solar Heating
Solar Heating Fast, easy and affordable solution for Solar Heating and hot water with solar energy.
Read more


Calculate daily water consumption in your house or business and select the hot water heating system satisfying your needs.
Choosing the suitable electric or solar hot water storage tank requires determining the daily need of hot water consumption in terms of quantity and preferred water temperature, which is typically 45oC.

Hot Water Consumption Tables for Residences and Hotels

Low consumption 35 liters per capita / day
Medium consumption 60 liters per capita / day
High consumption 80 liters per capita / day
Washing machine 20 liters per day (1 wash per day)
Dishwasher 20 liters per day (1 wash per day)
Hostels with rooms with shared bath 35 liters / person / day
Hostels 40 liters / person / day
2 Star Hotels 50 liters / person / day
3 Star Hotels 80 liters / person / day
4 Star Hotels 100 liters / person / day
Campingsites 60 liters / person / day

Greek Products

Greek Products

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SOLARNET S.A. Solar Boiler & Storage Tank Manufacturers 79 km National Highway Athens-Lamia
Ipato, Thiva, 32200
Viotia Prefecture, Greece

Tel. + 30 22620 72070 or + 30 22620 72071
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ASSOS BOILERS solar appliances

1st National Award
Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award

Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award