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Solar Water Heater Accessories

Differential Temperature Controllers, Solar Stations, Boiler Heat Exchangers, Expansion Tanks, Antifreeze, Water Heater Magnesium Anode Rods

All solar water heater accesories are suitable for forced circulation systems and solar heating systems.

Differential Temperature Controller SOREL Germany

Differential Temperature Controller for solar systems, type MTDC by SOREL-Germany. The controller is user friendly through its digital screen, the information given (sensor’s temperature, operation status e.t.c.) and could easily adapt to many different types of application. Auxiliary heating could also be controlled with an optional third sensor (not included in standard package), through the SPDT contact.

σε pdf Instruction Manual


Solar Station (Hydraulic Kit), TACONOVA Switzerland

Solar pump station, including GRUNDFOS pump, safety valve, flow meter 2-16 lt/min calibrated for glycol with integrated balancing valve, shut off valves with check valves, air separator, 2 thermometers, manometer, drainage and filling valves, polystyrene insulation cock. Differential Temperature Controller SOREL, type MTDC, is mounted directly on the pump station.


Antifreeze Liquid

Glycol solution for antifreeze protection of the system.
The liquid should be mixed with water in ratio depending on min outside temperature. It is delivered in 10 lt plastic container.


Solar Expansion Vessel

Closed expansion vessel, capacity 18 lt or 40 lt, suitable for solar systems containing glycol.
A flexible pipe connects the vessel with the Solar Station (Resistance -10°C to 130°C max., working pressure 6 bar max.)


Electric Resistance

Material: Copper
Connection: Ν40 (1½") male thread or on flange
Capacity: 2 to 4KW (230V) with thermostat
6 or 9KW (400V) without thermostat


Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers consist of stainless plates interconnected with special joints. The more plates it consists of, the more effective the heat exchanger is. These plates are undulate in form for larger exchanger surface causing spinning and through this, larger heat transmission. The primary and secondary fluid circulate interchangeably inside the plates without being mixed.

View specifications and sizes of plate heat exchangers

Greek Products

Greek Products

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