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OEM Boilers (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Supplier of Solar Water Heaters, Solar Boilers & Hot Water Storage Tanks

Perfect technological equipment, flexibility and over 30 years of concentrated experience in solar boilers, solar water heaters, central heating boilers and buffer tanks manufacturing, allow us to manufacture OEM products for big companies with worldwide networks. Thus ASSOS BOILERS is one of the leading European companies in OEM water storage tank manufacturing, with design and technical characteristics according to every collaborators and every countries needs.

ASSOS BOILERS boasts state-of-the-art production machinery which has been selected from the most advanced European machinery manufacturers. All parts of production from the design to the end product is fully automated and computer controlled. This way, electronic technology offers a high degree of accuracy, flexibility and systematic controls in every phase of the production eliminating any human error possibilities and resulting in perfect quality products.

We undertake production of OEM solar products in any design or color bearing your own brand for the following products:

  • Floor Standing Boilers
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Boilers (Tanks)
    Assos Solar Boilers with jacket type heat exchangers hold 120, 160, 200 or 300 liters and are manufactured upon request according to cutting edge technology to provide an environmentally friendly system of water heating. Assos Solar Boilers ensure supreme performance and are constructed to resist highest pressure and all weather conditions.

Contact us to request the OEM products you wish to purchase and we will manufacture them according to the highest standards.

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Greek Products

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1st National Award
Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award

Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award