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Solar Boilers

OEM Solar Boiler Hot Water Tanks, Solar Hot Water Storage Tank Manufacturers Greece

Enjoy the benefits of hot water with eco-friendly practices with the advanced technology of Assos Solar Water Boilers.


The advanced technology of Assos Solar Hot Water Tanks uses a closed circuit of natural circulation. The special thermal fluid, used in the closed circuit, enhances the performance of the heater, protects it from the freeze and prevents the salt scale deposition inside the tubes of the collector. The closed circuit (jacket) where the thermal fluid is circulating is independentand does not communicate with the water storage tank. The water of the storage tank is thus heated by an indirect method, via the hot water circulating into the jacket.

Assos Solar Water Boilers have a capacity of 120, 160, 200 or 300 liters and are manufactured upon request.



Solar Water Boilers

  • External casing : anodized aluminium
  • Tank’s insulation : polyurethane foam 40-60mm
  • Cyllinder’s material : galvanized sheeting 3 mm
  • Jacket’s material : Low carbon steel 1,5 mm
  • Cylinder’s internal Protection : DUROSMALT 80-120microns
  • Additional protection : magnesium rod
  • Electric resistance : copper
  • Thermostat : bipolar of four contacts
  • Power rate : available from 0,8 KW  - 4 KW

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1st National Award
Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award

Helioakmi Solar Water Heater - Award